Odysseus, Gods and Goddesses

by Mr. Quale on November 9, 2008

in Class Extensions

I’ve compiled the work that both of the English 9 classes completed into one PowerPoint which can be viewed below. This will be a helpful tool as we continue to discuss The Odyssey, and as we prepare for exams (since we are responsible for being able to identify the following Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses).

Gods And Goddesses
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For fun, you can also watch two clips from a pretty horrible movie adaptation of The Odyssey.  Like The Great Gatsby, I often wonder if there are some works of literature that are simply unadaptable into films.  These two would make my list of ones that are better left to pages and print.

The first movie clip takes place after Odysseus and his crew find themselves “losing track of time” on Circe’s island (after some were turned into swine, and then back into humans again).  In Homer’s version, they become younger, taller, and more handsome, although this is not the case in the movie adaptation.

The second clip begins on Ithaca with the Suitors, Penelope, and Telemachus, and it also includes Odysseus’ challenges with Scylla and Charybdis.  For some reason the screenwriters changed this for the worse in order to exclude the whole “feasting on the cattle of Helois” mistake.  This seems to be a poor decision on the screenwriters part.

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